2012 Thailand Multi-Faith Forum Review
Achieving World Peace through Religious Harmony and Conglict Resolution - May 2012

International Interfaith Summit, Bangkok, Thailand, 23-25, May 2012

2009 An Interfaith Summit for Peace and Harmony
An Interfaith Summit for Peace and Harmony in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region

Brisbane City Hall, Queensland, Australia 18-21, February 2009 .....Find out more

Uniting Religions and Propagating Moral Education
Reconciling Conflict and Promoting World Harmony and Stability

If we wish to unite religions, we must first pay special attention to the study of religious texts, in order to deeply understand their meanings and to propagate them widely. Religious followers should pay attention to practising the sacred teachings in daily life and not just go through formalities. Moreover, each religion should learn from and understand other religions, while seeking common ground and putting aside differences. .. .....Find out more

Uniting Different Racial And Cultural Groups And Promoting Religious Education
In 1998 when staying in Singapore, Master Chin Kung initiated the communication and cooperation among the local nine different religious groups, and has seen successful results. The achievement is based on the affirmation and acceptance of the following two concepts pointed out by Master Chin Kung:First, The gods of all religions are manifestation of the same greater power. .....Find out more

Different Religions Share Common View On Promoting Religious Education Together
On the 30th of October, 2003, Venerable Master Chin Kung, Honorary Professor of both Griffith University and the University of Queensland, hosted a dinner party for leaders from five different religions - Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Confucianism – at the Shangri-La Hotel in Jakarta. .....Find out more

How to Create a Fulfilling and Prosperous Multicultural World
The Chinese classic from three thousand years ago, I Ching, the Book of Changes explains how Heaven and Earth, the four seasons and all phenomena were originally formed from infinite particles.  Lao Zi clarified further that the universe and we share the same root and that all creations and we are one entity.  As Buddha Shakyamuni said, we all arose from the same essence.. .....Find out more

Eliminating Crises Through Religious Education:
Thoughts On Building a Sacred City of Religions and Culture

Religious education encompasses the teaching of morality, virtues, causality, philosophy, and science. This education is a good remedy for correcting the human mind. It is what people around the world need urgently.The founders of religions were all great educators. Every one of them advocated the virtues of harmony, mutual cooperation, and compassion and loving-kindness... .....Find out more

How to Live and Flourish Side by Side in a Multicultural Society
Everyone is exploring how to achieve harmony and what method is effective in achieving it. We see a few very wise and capable leaders throughout time and the world who were able to reconcile differences and unite their groups so that these groups were able to be successful.... .....Find out more

Established date: 03/06/10