The Odes to the 2016 UK Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony

No matter how long a river is, it can be traced back to its origin.
No matter how tall a tree is, it has roots.
The union of “Yin” and “Yang” that are in harmony gives rise to everything.
We owe our lives to our parents for our birth and their nurturing.
Among all the virtues in humanity, filial piety is the foundation of them all.
Words cannot describe our gratitude to our parents and ancestors for bestowing their kindness and merits upon us.............find out more

Traditional Chinese Culture's Contribution to the World:
The Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony and Its Significance
Speech By Venerable Master Chin Kung

Filial piety is the root of Chinese culture, just like of a big tree, it is the root. The people of ancient China say, "Of all the good deeds, filial piety is foremost." Confucius says, "Filial piety is the root of all virtues." Filial piety is the foundation of moral virtue, and the principle virtue of ourself-nature. Filial piety embodies the endless capability and goodness of our self-nature. So the awakening of a person's moral virtue begins with filial piety. Fulfilling one's filial duty is our self-nature's perfect manifestation of its innate capacity for good. If a person is not filial, no matter how many good deeds he performs, they are all false..............find out more

Commencement of the Year 2017 - Global Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony
Speech By Venerable Master Chin Kung

Why are we holding the Ceremony? To commemorate the virtues of our ancestors and promote filial piety. We need to commemorate the contributions of our ancestors, learn from and follow their virtuous conduct, and repay the kindness they have shown us. If we can think of and not forget our ancestors who lived thousands of years before us, how could we possibly not love and respect our parents of this lifetime?..............find out more

Annotations of the Ancestral Remembrance Service, 2015 Winter Solstice

These ancient surnames are a legacy from the matriarchal system.
However, when the patriarchal system became prominent, there developed another type of family name. These family names were based on imperial grants of state or territory, or an inherited position or title held by a paternal ancestor. And by the family names, each clan would know their own ancestors and family trees through kin and blood relations. And by these blood relations, each individual would maintain the order of human ethics and morality in his relationship
..............find out more

Ancestral Remembrance Service Protocol

A. General Standards
B. The Ancestral Remembrance Service Procedure
C. Ancestral Remembrance Service - Glossary
D. Usage of Ceremonial items
E. Arranging the Memorial Tablets
F. Layout of ceremonial items on the altar
G. Musical Score and Photo

The Rationale for the Ancestral Memorial Hall

The essence in commemorating ancestors is to remember our origin, the ‘returning to our origins.’ Rituals of sacrifice and commemoration are of utmost importance in ancient Chinese ceremonies. They are good manifestation of utmost sincerity in the daily lives. This is a fundamental way of self-improvement and cultivation.There are three sacrificial activities. Firstly, sacrificial ceremonies for the ancestors. The Chinese would pay respect to their deceased ancestors on the Qing Ming Festival, Clear and Bright, and on Dong Zhi Festival, Winter Arrival. These activities are real life educations for all people on honesty, trust, loyalty and respect. They also teach the people to respect the deceased as if they were alive. Such activities would generate genuine compassions for those who would demonstrate filial piety, and who would obey the social norms, and would further enhance harmonious societies and the prosperity and peace of the country...............find out more



2017 Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony in London, 9-11 June

2016 UK Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony
and Thrice Buddhist Yearning Service,
24-26 June

2016 Singapore Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony and Thrice Buddhist Yearning Service, 6-7 Aug.

2016 Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony. Taipei International Convention Center, Taiwan. 21 Aug.

2015 Winter Solstice: Hong Kong Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony and Thrice Buddhist Yearning Service, 18-21 Dec.

2015 Ancestor of Chinese Nation Remembrance Ceremony. Qishan Wanfo Buddhist Temple, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China, 6 Oct.